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Solenoid-Driven Metering Pumps

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What they do

Solenoid-driven metering pumps are available in capacities ranging from 0.74 to 80 l/h at a back pressure of 25 to 2 bar. To be able to meter almost any liquid chemicals, ProMinent uses a very extensive range of materials.

How they work

A solenoid moves the solenoid shaft forwards and backwards by switching on and off. This stroke movement is transferred to the diaphragm in the dosing head.  Two check valves prevent the feed chemical from flowing back during pumping. But that's not all. The stroke length and stroke rate can be precisely adjusted to alter the metering rate of ProMinent solenoid-driven metering pumps.


Beta® Solenoid-Driven
Diaphragm Metering Pump

Output range 0.74 - 32 l/h, 16 - 2 bar

This metering pump is convincing not only in terms of its versatility and reliability but also by the ideal price/performance ratio this all rounder offers. Manual operation and external contact activation with continuous stroke length adjustment. Connection for
2-stage level switch.


gamma/X Solenoid-Driven
Diaphragm Metering Pump

Capacity range 2.3 - 45 l/h, 25 - 2 bar

The solenoid-driven diaphragm metering pump gamma/ X incorporates a wealth of eXcellent ingenuity! With integrated pressure measurement, it ensures the smooth running of your metering process. The gamma/ X is
user-friendly with outstanding long service life, ideal for all metering work involving liquid media.


gamma/XL Solenoid-Driven
Diaphragm Metering Pump

Capacity range 8 - 80 l/h, 25-2 bar

The new solenoid-driven metering pump gamma/ XL is the enhancement to our proven gamma/ X and covers a capacity range from 8 – 80 l/h at 25 – 2 bar. The gamma/ XL also has other interfaces, for example CAN bus and Wi-Fi connections.

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Concept Plus
Diaphragm Metering Pump

Capacity range 0.6 - 10 l/h, 13 - 1.5 bar

Concept metering pumps are for basic water treatment applications. 3 switchable speeds, capacities to 13l/h.


Pneumados Solenoid-Driven
Diaphragm Metering Pump

Capacity range 0.76–16.7 l/h, 16–2 bar

Pneumatically-driven diaphragm metering pumps The standard solution for simple metering tasks wherever no electrical power is available.

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