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    Tanks & Accessories HOME PRODUCTS SWIMMING POOL WATER TREATMENT CHEMICAL DOSING SKIDS FEEDER PACKAGES CONTACT US TECHNICAL VIDEOS Search Results More Anyone who works with chemicals, needs to store them safely. ProMinent dosing tanks are tough and ideal for working with metering pumps. DULCOLEVEL Radar Sensor Level Output range 0.74 - 32 l/h, 16 - 2 bar This metering pump is convincing not only in terms of its versatility and reliability but also by the ideal price/performance ratio this all rounder offers. Manual operation and external contact activation with continuous stroke length adjustment. Connection for 2-stage level switch . BROCHURE TECHNI CAL MANUAL

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    HOME PRODUCTS SWIMMING POOL WATER TREATMENT CHEMICAL DOSING SKIDS FEEDER PACKAGES CONTACT US TECHNICAL VIDEOS Search Results More DULCOFLEX Peristaltic pumps What they do Peristaltic metering pumps are used in a capacity range of between 10 ml/h and 410 l/h. They pump against a pressure of up to 8 bar. The incredible durability and wide range of chemical compatibility of the high-performance hoses used by ProMinent are particularly impressive. ​ What is unique about them Our DULCOFLEX peristaltic metering pumps ideally combine the benefits of peristaltic pumps and metering pumps. They therefore support batch or proportional flow dosing, for ex ample. Depending on the medium, they meter with a precision of up to ±1 %. They ca n be networked with our fluid management platform using DULCONNEX, making remote monitoring possible. They are just as reliable as our other metering pumps, are self-priming and can handle outgassing media with ease. Thanks to the ingenious hose replacement processes, this task is completed in no time and requires very little material. DULCOFLEX DFXa The DULCOFLEX DFXa combines the best of two worlds in a single pump: Valve-free metering with the intelligence and precision of the P roMinent diaphragm metering pumps – and with all the benefits of an advanced peristaltic pump. The DULCOFLEX DFXa is ideal for the metering of gaseous, viscous, abrasive and shear-sensitive media in drinking and waste water treatment, paper industry and food production. BROCHURE TECHNICAL MANUAL DULCOFLEX DFYa Capacity range: 5.5 l/h to 410 l/h at up to 8 bar The peristaltic pump DULCOFLEX DFYa offers onboard electronic control. The DFYa is simple to operate from the intuitive user interface with 4 keys and the click wheel. The new peristaltic metering pump is even IIoT-capable. BROCHURE TECHNICAL MANUAL DULCOFLEX DFDa Capacity range: up to 15,000 l/h at 15 bar The peristaltic pump DULCOFLEX DFDa is designed for higher pump capacities and high pressures. Fitted with shoes and fabric-reinforced hoses – perfect for industrial use. BROCHURE MANUAL DULCOFLEX DFCa Capacity range: up to 8,900 l/h at 8 bar High pump capacities are not a problem with the peristaltic pump DULCOFLEX DFCa. Equipped with extra rollers and fabric-reinforced hoses, is ideal for high capacity and pressure applications in industry. BROCHURE MANUAL DULCOFLEX DFBa Capacity range: up to 649 l/h at 8 bar The peristaltic pump DULCOFLEX DFBa (designed as a low pressure pump) is suitable for smaller capacitie s. BROCHURE MANUAL DULCOFLEX DF4a Capacity range: 0.35 – 12 l/h, 4 – 2 bar The peristaltic pump DULCOFLEX DF4a for metering flocculants and active carbon treats water precisely and accurately. It is ideal for use in swimming pools, hot tubs or spa and wellness facilities. Pressures up to 4 bar is possible. BROCHURE TECHNICAL MANUAL DULCOFLEX DF2a Capacity range: 0.4 – 2.4 l /h, 1.5 bar The peristaltic pump DULCOFLEX DF2a meters chemicals functionally, cost-effectively and quietly – ideal for use in swimming pools, hot tubs and in spa and wellness facilities. BROCHURE TECHNICAL MANUAL

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    Presentations Feeder Packages 5kg Saturator Gas Chlorination Product Overview SK Filter Video

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    Brochures Equipment Catalogues Product Overview Measuring Control Sensor Technology Metering Pumps Motor Driven Pumps General Membrane Technology Low Pressure metering Pumps effective Dosing Warm Water Systems Chemical Fluid handling Complete dosing Systems Fasinating View of the futureProduct range Pure Water for Healyh Aquatrac Aquatrac Controller Package AQ-AGIA-A1 Aquatrac Package AQ-AGIA-A2 Aquatrac Package AQ-AGIA-A3 Aquatrac Package AQ-AGIA-A4 Aquatrac Package AQ-AQT-SLIM-A1 Aquatrac Package AQ-AQT-SLIM-A2 Aquatrac MultiFLEX Calcium Hypochlorite ProCal ProDos Cooling Water Making the most out of Cooling Water Safe Protection against Legionella LogR Corrosion Monitor Feeder Packages Dry Materials Feeder Fluoride Packages Lime PAC Powder Loading Tomal Feeder Food and Berverage Food and Beverage Optimised process Beverage Industry Chlorine Gas Gas Chlorine900 Series Chlorinator 3000 Series Chlorinator Chlorine Gas Hi Lo Indicator Hydro 2040 Omni Valve ProGuard ProWeight Chlorine Drum Scales GA 180 Gas Alarm GA170 Gas Alarm Generators ClO2, Cl, O3 Bono Zon Visions Chlorine Dioxide Chlorine Dioxide Systems Energy Saving Ozonisation with ProMinent Ozone for Disinfection and Oxidation Ozone Generatind Systems Chlorinsitu Oximax Measuring and Control Dulcomarin 11 Dulcometer Instruments On- Line measurement of Chlorite Precise pH for safe Processes DULCO turb C Compact Controller Dulcotest DT1 Photometer DT3 DT4 ​ Solenoid pumps Beta Gamma L Gamma L Profibus Gamma X Delta Concept Plus Concept Timer Pneumados ​ Motor Driven Pumps Alpha Sigma flyer DULCOflex Vario C Process Metering Pumps Extronic Hydro 2 & 3 Makro 5 flyer Makro TZ flyer Makro TZ-HK-AK flyer Makro MB flyer Orlita Complete Orlita DR Orlita High End ​ Oil and Gas Brochure Package ​ Systems Council Liquid Blending (Poly) Packaged Plant Poly Systems Tomal PolyRex Tomal Poly Make-up ​ Systems Pools CO2 Dulcomarin11 Swimming Pools Bromine Erosion Feeder DCC 300 Pool Controller DCC 400 Pool Controller DCC 500 Pool Controller DCC 600 Pool Controller Dialog 500 Pool Package Dialog 600 Pool Package Dialog 700 Pool Package Dialog 800 Pool package Dulcomarin11 500 Package Dulcomarin11 600 Package Dulcomarin11 700 Package Dulcomarin11 800 ​ Packages Transfer Pumps DULCOflex Spectra Tanks, Bunds Dulcflow, Water Softeners Ancilliaries Tanks and bunds Water Softeners Dulcoflow Flexible Storge and Handling ​ UV 2 Water Treatment without Chemicals Powerline 2 Powerline 3 Powerline 4 Powerline 6 Powerline 8 Powerline 10 kW 250 Powerline 10 kW 300 Powerline Dimensions

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    HOME PRODUCTS SWIMMING POOL WATER TREATMENT CHEMICAL DOSING SKIDS FEEDER PACKAGES CONTACT US TECHNICAL VIDEOS Search Results More Polyelectrolyte Packages For Polyelectrolyte packages visit our Tomal web site Ultromat ulda Ultromat MT Ultromat ulfa Ultromat ulpa PolyRex Powder PolyRex Liquid Polymore

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    HOME PRODUCTS SWIMMING POOL WATER TREATMENT CHEMICAL DOSING SKIDS FEEDER PACKAGES CONTACT US TECHNICAL VIDEOS Search Results More ProMinent has the Engineering capabilities to assemble, test & deliver a wide range of custom designed chemical dosing skids. ​ They range from applications for Oil & Gas, Progressive Cavity, Peristaltic Hose Pumps and Dry Chemical preparation & dosing. All ProMinent chemical dosing skids are fully engineered, assembled and factory tested before shipping to site. ProMinent provides all electrical controls, junction boxes and cabling as required. ​ Factory Acceptance Test and ITP's are provided and completed by ProMinent personnel.

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    HOME PRODUCTS SWIMMING POOL WATER TREATMENT CHEMICAL DOSING SKIDS FEEDER PACKAGES CONTACT US TECHNICAL VIDEOS Search Results More Fluoride Saturator Sodium fluoride has a reliable saturation solubility of 4%. By keeping excess sodium fluoride powder in a dissolving tank, a constant 4% sodium fluoride saturated solution is maintained. This is then dosed into the water supply, via a metering pump, in proportion to the mains 4-20 milliamp flow signal. The saturator comes as a package all mounted suitable for ease of installation complete with overflow, drain, calibration cylinder, isolation valves and metering pump. Two loading packages are offered. For the smaller plants ProMinent offer their patented 5kg jar loader, for larger plants a vacuum loader. ​ 5kg Jar ProMinent designed and patented a special loader to accept 5kg sealed NaF containers, slice the seal, and allow the powder to dump into the saturator tank. The container can then be flushed, by the push of a button, with clean water to allow the jar to be easily disposed of. ​ Vacuum Loader The vacuum loader especially designed for fluoride, is mounted on the saturator and comes complete with dust extractor, suction wand and a flexible hose. The ProMinent vacuum transfer system is designed to transfer powder from the 25kg bags to the solution tank. ​ With the vacuum loader switched on, the wand is inserted into the container or open bag. The vacuum motor will operate for approx 40 seconds before stopping, the inlet valve will close, and the dump valve will open, allowing the collected powder to drop into the hopper. ​ A cleaning cycle will then begin. Once the cleaning cycle has completed, the dump valve will close, the inlet valve will open and the vacuum motor will start again. ​ Two mandatory flow switches are required. One is taken off the 4-20 mA flow signal via the PLC, the other is normally a mechanical flow switch fitted in the mains water pipeline. A calibration cylinder is provided to accurately calibrate the metering pump against the dosing conditions. The metering pump is code locked to the maximum capacity to prevent overdosing. The metering pump is set to display the total amount dosed. This is compared daily against the total water flow to ensure correct dosing has occurred.

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    Chlorine Dioxide Chlorine dioxide is an extremely reactive gas, and because of its instability, cannot be stored. It must only be produced in the required quantities in special generators on the site where it is used. Chlorine dioxide offers a number of advantages when compared with chlorine for water disinfection. Chlorine being the disinfectant mainly used. The disinfecting power of chlorine dioxide actually increases slightly with increasing pH, whereas with chlorine the disinfecting power reduces. Chlorine dioxide remains stable in the pipeline system over a longer period and ensures microbiological protection of the water for many more hours, or even several days. Ammonia and ammonium, which cause significant chlorine depletion, are not attacked by chlorine dioxide, so chlorine dioxide is fully available for bactericidal action. Chlorophenols, the compounds with intense odours, that are often produced during water chlorination, are not formed when chlorine dioxide is used. Trihalomethanes (THMs), a group of substances, which, like their best known example, chloroform, (are suspected of being carcinogenic) are produced when chlorine reacts with natural water components (humic acids, fulvic acids, etc.). Measured THM concentrations, are drastically reduced, if present at all,when chlorine dioxide is used. Advantages of chlorine dioxide : Disinfection power is independent of pH. High residual effect thanks to long-term stability in the pipeline system. Reduction of the biofilm in pipelines and tanks, hence reliable protection of entire water systems against legionella contamination. No reaction with ammonia or ammonium. No formation of chorophenols and other intense odour compounds which can be produced in water chlorination. No formation of THMs and other chlorinated hydrocarbons, no increase in the AOX value. HOME PRODUCTS SWIMMING POOL WATER TREATMENT CHEMICAL DOSING SKIDS FEEDER PACKAGES CONTACT US TECHNICAL VIDEOS Search Results More Bello Zon® CDLb Chlorine dioxide system for production of a chlorine-free chlorine dioxide solution, using the acid/chlorite process with diluted chemicals. 0 – 120 g/h preparation capacity with storage of up to 60 g of chlorine dioxide for peak metering. BROCHURE Bello Zon® CDEb Chlorine dioxide system which continuously produces ClO2 using the acid/chlorite process with diluted chemicals. Extremely simple operation, clear construction, analogue control, manual or control via contacts. 5 – 200 g/h chlorine dioxide. BROCHURE Bello Zon® CDKc Chlorine dioxide system for continuous production, metering and monitoring of chlorine dioxide with concentrated chemicals. With integrated intrinsically safe pre-dilution station 8 – 12,000 g/h chlorine dioxide. Max. flow at 0.2 ppm ClO2 metering is 60,000 m3/h BROCHURE Bello Zon® CDVc Chlorine dioxide system for monitoring and metering chlorine dioxide and diluted chemicals. 1 – 2,000 g/h chlorine dioxide. BROCHURE


    HOME PRODUCTS SWIMMING POOL WATER TREATMENT CHEMICAL DOSING SKIDS FEEDER PACKAGES CONTACT US TECHNICAL VIDEOS Search Results More Swimming Pool Water Treatment Modern water treatment and disinfection processes enhance swimming enjoyment The use of metering technology and water treatment solutions may vary considerably depending on the industry and application. Rely on our decades of experience and know-how to find the safest and most efficient solution for you. ProCal The ProMinent® ProCal Granular Calcium Hypochlorite feeder generates a dilute solution from granulated dry chemical. BROCHURE ProCal mini Granular Calcium Hypochlorite feeder generates a dilute solution from granulated dry chemical. BROCHURE UV Systems UV radiation is a safe, chemical-free and reliable method of disinfection ideally suited for water disinfection in modern water treatment. ProMinent utilise the safety and reliability of UV disinfection in a wide range of applications. PRODUCTS Electrochlorination With ProMinent’s Electrolysis systems there is no longer the need to store hazardous chemicals on site. Ordinary salt is used to produce chlorine. PRODUCTS CO2 The ProMinent CO2 controller is designed to use bottled CO2 in the control of pH levels for Swimming Pool water. CO2 systems have several advantages over hydrochloric acid when used to control pH. BROCHURE WATER CHEMISTRY CONTROLLERS & PACKAGES DCC Pool Packages The ProMinent®DCC pool packages are the ideal system for monitoring and controlling water chemistry parameters on a pH and ORP basis in swimming pools. DCC300 DCC400 DCC500 DCC600 diaLog Pool Package The ProMinent® diaLog pool packages are the ideal system for monitoring and controlling water chemistry parameters on a pH and free chlorine basis in swimming pools. diaLog500 diaLog600 diaLog700 diaLog800 diaLog900

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    Service for ProMinent Equipment Spare Parts ProMinent have been supplying chemical dosing systems in Australia for over 40 years and carry extensive spare parts for all our products. We have installation and service personnel available for anywhere in Australia . Breakdown Service Should your equipment break down, for whatever reason, we will make every attempt to provide replacement parts by overnight transport and service personnel, if required, at the earliest available time . Contract Service Country area contract service is normally arranged on round trips to include as many customers as possible thus reducing the travelling costs and the cost to the customer.The following is a guide to the normal service requirements for ProMinent equipment. Metering Pumps They generally only require new diaphragms and valve components. In most cases we fnd customers carry out their own service and simply order parts as required however regular preventative maintenance contracts or urgent service is available, both in house or on site. HOME PRODUCTS SWIMMING POOL WATER TREATMENT CHEMICAL DOSING SKIDS FEEDER PACKAGES CONTACT US TECHNICAL VIDEOS Search Results More Pool Control Systems ProMinent can provide pre or early season service and calibration of Automatic Pool Water Chemistry systems including chlorination (gas, liquid, and cal hypo), ozone and UV plants. Chlorine Residual Controllers and Fluoride Analysers ProMinent provide service and calibration including setting up of Feed Forward PID control. We also provide over the phone help with system tuning. Gas Chlorination Plants Most chlorination systems supplied are remote vacuum units with automatic drum or bottle changeover. The simplicity of design enables staff to do their own service, however if you prefer, the units being small can easily be transported overnight to our Sydney works for one day service. This arrangement keeps costs to a minimum.The Chlorinators do not normally require yearly service, except for the ejector seals, which can be safely replaced by staff within a few minutes. Should you require on site service either on call, or programmed for every 6 or 12 months, our service team would be happy to respond to your request. Sodium Hypochlorite Service as for metering pumps but degassing valve may require 3 monthly inspection and cleaning. Calcium Hypochlorite On site service is available as required. Dry Chemical Feeders On site service is available as required for Fluoridation, Polymer, PAC and Lime plants.

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