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The DULCONNEX Gateway lets you securely and reliably monitor pumps, sensors, controllers and disinfection systems by smartphone, tablet or computer, independently of their location. Adjustable alarms inform users promptly by e-mail about important events and the DULCONNEX Platform provides access to current and historical unit data at all times.


The data can be exported in CSV format, as an Excel document or as a PDF report, for instance to comply with statutory documentation obligations. Flexible management of devices enables them to be sensibly grouped and thus viewed at a glance.

All key device-specific values can be monitored and documented alongside error and alarm statuses. With pumps, this includes the pressure and metered volume. With controllers, this includes the values of the connected sensors (for example pH, ORP and turbidity) and, with UV disinfection systems, the radiation intensity and temperature are recorded, among other things.

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