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Feeder Packages

ProMinent Feeders have a multi-pitch screw suitable for capacities up to 1500 l/h and are fitted with conditioning arms to provide an even feed rate and minimise bridging.

Feeders can be purchased separately or included in complete system packages c/w wetting units, hoppers, mixing tanks, spout heaters, variable speed drives, stirrers, bag loaders, slide gates, dust extractors, control panels, loss of weight recording,

bulk bag handling, vacuum transfer, metering and transfer pumps to suit your applications.


For  Municipal Water Treatment Plants the main powders we are mostly asked to provide preparation and dosing packages for are: 


  • Powdered Activated carbon (PAC)

  • Polyelectrolyte

  • Soda ash

  • Fluoride

  • Lime

Some powders require their own particular requirements, such as special wetting for polelectrolyte and PAC to load cell weight recording for fluoride to careful selection of velocities for lime in pipes to prevent settling.

ProMinent have provided packages for all the above mentioned powders and have included accessories like bag loaders, vacuum transfer and bulk bag systems.

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