UV Disinfection

UV radiation is a safe, chemical-free and reliable method of disinfection ideally suited for water disinfection in modern water treatment. ProMinent utilise the safety and reliability of UV disinfection in a wide range of applications



Dulcodes MP UV system

The UV system Dulcodes MP is for water treatment and disinfection in swimming pools. Combined chlorine is broken down reducing the typical swimming pool odour and the irritation for eyes, nose and skin.

 Flow up to 569 m3/h


Dulcodes LP UV system

The unique UV systems Dulcodes LP – efficient and free of chemicals. Maximum flow output with fewer lamps and minimum energy resulting in lower life cycle costs.

 Flow up to 523 m3/h


Dulcodes LP-PE (Plastic) UV systems

Disinfect saline sea water or thermal water without corrosion problems with the UV system Dulcodes LP-PE Plastic.

    Flow up to 505 m3/h

Dulcodes LP certified UV system

For potable water disinfection, comprehensively certified to internationally-recognised DVGW / ÖNORM / SVGW / ACS / UVDGM standards. Highly efficient using Vario-Flux lamps with dynamic lamp heating.

 Flow up to 410 m3/h