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Soda Ash Preparation Package

We offer a suitable soda ash preparation package with vacuum loader, 125 litre hopper and ProMinent

1000 litre UV stabilised PE preparation tank. Tank will have inlet, outlet, overflow and drain connections, necessary level switches, mounting for the vacuum loader and a slow speed stirrer.

The ProMinent vacuum transfer system easily allows the operator to unload the soda ash from the 25 kg bags and dump into the tank. The suction wand is inserted in the bag and the soda ash is drawn into the chamber. As the powder enters the collection unit, the large volume inside the unit causes the air velocity to drop, and the powder falls to the bottom of the unit. Air is drawn upwards through a filter to remove any powder particles that are still airborne before leaving the unit via the vacuum motor.


The vacuum loader is mounted on the PE tank and comes complete with built in dust extractor, suction wand and flexible suction hose. It is fitted with positively actuated valves on vacuum hose inlet and dump valve. These positively closing valves eliminate the chance of inadvertent blowback down suction lance or pressurising the hopper during the filter cleaning cycle.


There is the requirement for air to operate the dump valve and to back flush the filter. A small compressor could be added to cater for this if you do not wish to use and run the existing plant air supply..

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