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Progressive Cavity Pumps/Spectra

Progressive cavity pumps are a self-priming positive displacement pump used for conveying or dosing of liquids such as water, viscous or abrasive media and liquids containing solids (soft or hard)

The ProMinent Spectra pumps are available as block or bare shaft design and feature our special cardan joints. Capacities are from 1l/h to 450 m3/h.

Spectra Cardan joints are fully encapsulated by a robust rubber boot. Each end is retained by stainless steel reusable bands and sits in machined slots for maximum grip.The cardan joint is a proven heavy-duty universal type joint. This allows a simple construction without the inherent disadvantages of pin and other types of joint. Each arm of the joint pivots independently, thus giving a flexible robust joint that is small, simple and effective.

Cardan joint benefits
Protection of joint components from abrasive process fluids by the robust elastomer boot allows lubrication of the joint for life long applications Strength of the joint is enhanced as the load is borne by twice the number of pin sections compared with single pin joints. Boot materials are available to match stator elastomers.

Casing, elastomers and rotating parts are available in a wide variety of materials and pressures up to 48 bar.

Other advantages with Spectra:

  • Standard pumps held in stock

  • Made in Germany

  • High quality, competitively priced spares

  • Optional base plate

  • Quick delivery

  • Easily dismantled - no special tools required

  • Sold as liquid end or complete pump.

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