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Gas Chlorination

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ProMinent have vacuum operated gas Chlorinators up to 40 kg/h. Sizes are 2, 5, 10, 20 and 40 kg/h. Normally ProMinent Hydro Gas Chlorinators would be supplied for direct cylinder or drum mounting, but can be supplied for header mounting if preferred, with flexibles, drip leg, heater and auxiliary cylinder or drum valves.

The 40 kg/h chlorinators have to be installed with flexibles or with 4 x 10 kg/h Vacuum Regulators The principal of operation of your gas chlorinator is to produce a vacuum strong enough to operate the chlorinator. This produced vacuum causes the regulating diaphragm to open the inlet safety valve, allowing gas under pressure to enter the chlorinator. As the gas flows across the inlet safety valve it is filtered and reduced to a vacuum.The gas then enters a chamber where the vacuum level is maintained by a spring-opposed regulating diaphragm. It is then drawn through the chlorine flow meter, across the rate control valve and on to the ejector where it dissolves in water. This high chlorine solution flows on to the injection point. ProMinent Hydro chlorinator body parts are machined from block PVC, not injected moulded. Machining from solid eliminates the stresses from the moulding process that can lead to cracking and warping.

Hydro's simple construction permits an operator to repair or replace most parts with only the need of a screwdriver. Spares are reasonably priced and readily available. Ancillary equipment available.


To view the comprehensive range of gas chlorination equipment available from ProMinent, for supply only or for complete installation and commissioning, equipment like headers, flexibles, auxiliary cylinder valves, visit the links below. 


ProGuard Shut Down Units



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