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Service for ProMinent Equipment

Spare Parts
ProMinent have been supplying chemical dosing systems in Australia for over 40 years and carry extensive spare parts for all our products. We have installation and service personnel available for anywhere in Australia.

Breakdown Service

Should your equipment break down, for whatever reason, we will make every attempt to provide replacement parts by overnight transport and service personnel, if required, at the earliest available time

Contract Service

Country area contract service is normally arranged on round trips to include as many customers as possible thus reducing the travelling costs and the cost to the customer.The following is a guide to the normal service requirements for ProMinent equipment.


Metering Pumps
They generally only require new diaphragms and valve components. In most cases we fnd customers carry out their own service and simply order parts as required however regular preventative maintenance contracts or urgent service is available, both in house or on site.

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Pool Control Systems
ProMinent can provide pre or early season service and calibration of Automatic Pool Water Chemistry systems including chlorination (gas, liquid, and cal hypo), ozone and UV plants.

Chlorine Residual Controllers and Fluoride Analysers
ProMinent provide service and calibration including setting up of Feed Forward PID control. We also provide over the phone help with system tuning.

Gas Chlorination Plants
Most chlorination systems supplied are remote vacuum units with automatic drum or bottle changeover. The simplicity of design enables staff to do their own service, however if you prefer, the units being small can easily be transported overnight to our Sydney works for one day service. This arrangement keeps costs to a minimum.The Chlorinators do not normally require yearly service, except for the ejector seals, which can be safely replaced by staff within a few minutes. Should you require on site service either on call, or programmed for every 6 or 12 months, our service team would be happy to respond to your request.

Sodium Hypochlorite
Service as for metering pumps but degassing valve may require 3 monthly inspection and cleaning.

Calcium Hypochlorite
On site service is available as required.

Dry Chemical Feeders
On site service is available as required for Fluoridation, Polymer, PAC and Lime plants.

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