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Measuring & Control Technology

Measuring and control instruments from ProMinent are adapted to the relevant application.

They are available in different performance classes and can be integrated in every process environment.

Transmitter DULCOMETER® DMTa

The transmitter DULCOMETER® DMTa converts the sensor signals for pH, ORP value, chlorine concentration and conductivity into an interference-insensitive 4 – 20 mA analogue signal. Flexible, safe and always the optimum resolution of measured value.


Controller DULCOMETER® D1Cb/D1Cc

The controller DULCOMETER® D1Cb/D1Cc can be used for control tasks in potable water treatment, waste water treatment and many other areas. Safe, convenient and clear, thanks to the large illuminated graphic display, plain text operating menu and pH sensor monitoring.

Controller DULCOMETER® Compact

As a controller in water analysis, the DULCOMETER® Compact is the right controller for control tasks that require only monodirectional control.


Controller DULCOMETER® diaLog DACb

The controller DULCOMETER® diaLog DACb is our compact all-rounder for water analysis. With its specially designed functionalities, e.g. processing of interference variables and switchover of control parameters, it closes the control circuit between DULCOTEST® sensors and ProMinent® metering pumps. The two measuring and control channels of the DULCOMETER® diaLog DACb can be individually configured to meet customer requirements. Everything that you need for reliable treatment.

Controller DULCOMARIN® 3

The measuring and control system DULCOMARIN® 3 is your digital link to the technology of the future. It controls the entire range of swimming pools – from adventure pools to private pools. The system is operated using a large 7” touch display.



Controller AEGIS II

Controller AEGIS II continuously measures and controls conductivity for treating cooling water in evaporator cooling water circuits. It controls the biocide concentration, thereby keeping pipework and heat exchangers clean.

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