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Potassium Permanganate

ProMinent offer Potassium Permanganate packages that are easy to load, mix transfer and meter KMnO4 into water supplies for the removal of manganese and iron.

ProMinent Australia can supply a variety of packages to suit your requirement including batching tank, dosing tank, vacuum loader, transfer pump and metering pumps. For potassium permanganate we would normally offer a preparation and dosing two tank package for making up to a maximum 2.5% solution.

Potassium permanganate comes in 25 kg containers and we recommend the full 25 kg container be emptied with each batch make-up as KMnO4 is hygroscopic so it is not ideal to have granules holding in feeders vacuum loaders or hoppers as the product will form a solid mass. At 2.5% 25 kg will batch up 1000 litres stirred ready for transferring to the dosing tank for metering. We would normally fit a Tomal 50 litre stainless steel vacuum loader (capacity approximately 10 to 15 kg/min). 

Both tanks are fitted with the necessary inlet, overflow and drain connections. The PE preparation tank is fitted with a slow speed stirrer with adjustable timer. The dosing PE tank is fitted with level switches. Once the tank reaches the bottom ‘batch’ level the solution in the preparation tank would either automatically transfer or be manually started by the operator, controlled by level switches. Transfer is via a mag drive centrifugal pump at around 6000 l/h, controlled from the local ‘mimic’control panel with Allen
Bradley PLC. 

  • Easy loading from 25 bg cannister with specially designed vacuum loader removing the need for platforms and lifting devices

  • Supplied with control panel for automation

  • Controls and alarms to indicate malfunction

  • Custom built to suit particular site and capacity requirements

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