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The control of Chlorination & pH at specified levels is essential to ensure that micro-organisms in pool and spa water are kept under control. Health Department guidelines require chlorine levels in pools & spas be kept at specified levels. (refer Health Dept. Guidelines).

A ProMinent automatic Water Chemistry Control System will control the chlorine & pH at the desired levels. Not only will a healthy pool/spa be

provided for your patrons, economical use of chemicals will result.

ProMinent offer a variety of water chemistry control systems for swimming pools and spa pools. Systems like:

Chlorine (via Inorganic Sensor) & pH (Acid or CO2 dosing)
Chlorine (via Organic Sensor) & pH (Acid or CO2 dosing)
Chlorine (ORP) & pH (Acid or CO2 dosing).

The control of pH is essential to maintain good disinfection. A change in the pH level affects the
disinfecting power of Chlorine. As the pH rises the disinfecting power of the chlorine reduces.

To view pool packages please visit Accessories Page and go to section 6


ProMinent have developed a calcium hypochlorite preparation and dosing system for spas and pools.

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