Metering Systems for Solids

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ProMinent supplies everything you need for metering and treating solids in your production process. We have cost-effective solutions even for problematic applications, for example substances with noticeable weight fluctuations or problems with bridging.

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Wherever powder and granulate materials are metered, the systems used must be correctly adapted to the requirements of the application. The ProMinent product range for the reliable and problem-free emptying and metering of bulk goods is at home in all typical applications: waste water treatment, the paper industry, flue gas cleaning, the chemical industry and the glass and ceramics industry.


ProMinent Calcium Hypochlorite Preparation and Dosing

Calcium Hypochlorite is used instead of chlorine gas or sodium hypochlorite for disinfecting applications. Packages are mostly suitable for swimming pools and small water supplies

Calcium Hypochlorite is ideal for swimming pools or water supplies. Cal Hypo packages are offered in 3 ways: ProCal for single swimming pool, ProCal Plus for 2 to 3 pools, and ProDos for small water supplies.Granules are manually loaded into the small hoppers from where chemical is metered into the water ready for dosing. more

Your benefits

  • Unique compact desgn
  • Reduced Occupational Health and safety requirements
  • Package is delivered pre-wired and pre-plumbed for easy installation
  • Easily interfaced with ProMinent controllers for reliable chlorine control
  • Lower TDS when compared with sodium hypochlorite
  • Less impact on pH

ProMinent Fluoride Feeder Packages

5 kg NF saturator for water supplies up to 3 Ml/d. Vacuum loader saturators loading from 25 kg bags for up to 10 Ml/d, Vacuum load and bulk bag load Na2SiF6 packages for larger water supplies

Preparation and dosing packages for fluoride including patented 5 kg screw-top, foil-sealed plastic containers of sodium fluoride granules for jar loading. more

Your benefits

  • Fluoride systems are designed to the various regulations of the different Australian States and Territories.
  • Two mandatory flow switches are built into every fluoride package to safeguard against dosing when water flow has stopped.
  • Dosing equipment is normally code locked and restricted so as to only allow equipment to dose at 10% above the maximum design capacity.
  • All fluoride systems designed to help prevent fluoride dust from escaping to the atmosphere.
  • Fluoride metering pump are set to display the total amount dosed. This is compared daily against the total water flow to ensure correct dosing has taken place.

ProMinent Potassium Permanganate Preparation and Dosing

Potassium permanganate is often used in the water treatment process to remove magnesium and iron. ProMinent Australia can supply a variety of packages to suit your requirement including batching tank, dosing tank, vacuum loader, transfer pump and metering pump skid.

ProMinent Australia’s potassium permanganate packages are designed for loading from 25 kg canisters preparing the solution by stirring ready for metering into the water supply. more

Your benefits

  • Easy loading from 25 bg canister with specially designed vacuum loader removing the need for platforms, lifting devices.
  • Supplied with control panel for automation.
  • Controls and alarms to indicate malfunction.
  • Custom built to suit particular site and capacity requirements.

ProMinent Powdered Activated Carbon Preparation and Dosing

PAC packages that provide the desired results in absorbing natural organic compounds, taste and odor compounds, and synthetic organic chemicals

ProMinent Australia can offer Powdered Activated Carbon packages for small to large water supplies, either direct injection with an eductor wetting cone arrangement (up to 1 bar) or with dilution chamber and Spectra progressive cavity pump for higher pressures. more

Your benefits

  • Automatic flushing of complete package and of dosing line.
  • Custom built to suit particular site and capacity requirements.
  • Easy loading from 20 bg bags with specially designed vacuum loader.
  • Bulk bag loading for larger water supplies with conveyor, hoppers, feeders and hydraulics.

Tomal® Big Bag Emptying Unit

Emptying of Big Bags up to 1,000 kg

This emptying unit is used to accommodate and empty Big Bags weighing up to 1,000 kg. The Big Bags are suspended in the frame with the aid of a lifting cross bar. The 30-litre powder storage tank is used to transfer the powder into a feed unit. more

Your benefits

  • Complete systems for bag emptying and metering
  • For free-flowing or poorly flowing bulk goods
  • Flexible modular system for tailored solutions
  • Turnkey, tested systems
  • High quality standard, certified to SS-EN ISO 9001
  • Modular design

Tomal® Multi-Screw Feeder

Its unique design makes the multi-screw feeder ideally suited for metering powders and granulates. more

Your benefits

  • Excellent dosing precision
  • Linear discharge curve
  • Forced discharge and self-cleaning
  • Sturdy, low-wear construction
  • Large selection of types
  • Customised constructions for the food and pharmaceutical industries

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