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Tomal is a wholly owned ProMinent Company. TOMAL® is a recognised technology leader and manufacturer of high quality metering and feeding equipment for dry solids handling and from headquarters in Vessigebro, Sweden TOMAL® exports more than 80% of production to 35+ countries worldwide.     .

Since January 2010 TOMAL® has operated in Australia as a division of ProMinent Fluid Controls. Our goal is to represent the full range of quality TOMAL® products in the local marketplace and to continue to seek new markets where the unique TOMAL® technology can assist Australian industry in achieving their operational goals.

Since the company was founded in the early fifties TOMAL® has focused on the continuing development and delivery of highly accurate and reliable multi-screw feeders.

TOMAL® has incorporated the multi-screw feeder into the PolyRex fully automated batching and mixing systems for polymer and other chemicals.

Please refer to the Tomal information in Brochures and to discuss a specific application or for more technical information do not hesitate to contact our office.