ProMinent's DULCOMETER® range of measurement and control instrumentation offer maximum process reliability for a wide variety of applications. The control characteristics of DULCOMETER® Instruments are optioned to suit the requirements of particular applications. Instruments are available for:Free chlorine, Total chlorine, pH, Redox, Chlorine Dioxide, Ozone, Bromine, Conductivity, Temperature as both wall or panel mounting.

Our D1C offers single or bi-directional outputs as pulse, mA, pulse duration or actuator with feed back control. Instrument is available as proportional or PID with options of, pause, adder or multiplicative feed forward control.

ProMinent's D2C
is a two-channel controller with proportional and PID control characteristics. The measured variables are pH/pH, pH/chlorine, pH/redox.

The DulcoMarin is a single or multiple Pool Controller and can be optioned to control up to 16 pools, with Embedded Web Server option.

The DMT measurement transducers are compact, intelligent two-wire devices for pH, redox, conductivity, chlorine and temperature measurement with 4-20 mA isolated signal.

The DSR is a two in one instrument suitable for the swimming pool and cooling tower markets, offering proportional pulse duration control for chlorine injection and pH correction chemicals.

Conductivity controllers and packages are available for the water chemistry control of cooling towers to maintain TDS levels and regulate inhibitor and biocide injection. Options available include: sample flow switch, bleed lockout, dual biocide timer, chemical flow failure monitors preebleed, bleed lockout mA monitoring and alarms.