DULCO®flex Peristaltic, Tube & Hose Pumps

DULCO®flex Peristaltic Pumps Lower Capacity Range Brochure Tube Pumps
Output range: 0.4 - 2.4l/h, 1.5bar.
Typical applications include low pressure applications like adding conditioners to private swimming pools, inhibitors and biocides to cooling towers. Spring-loaded rollers ensure a consistent rolling pressure and help to extend the service life of the pump.

Output range: 0.4 - 2.4l/h, 1.5bar.
The DF3a was specifically developed for the purpose of dosing fragrances. It is equipped with relay outputs for two further metering pumps. Spring-loaded rollers ensure a consistent rolling pressure while extending the service life of the pump. Viton hose material is used specifically for dosing the fragrances.

Output range: 1.5 - 12 l/h, 4 - 2bar.
The pump is available in three versions which are geared to the specific application:
Applications include: Flocculent metering, activated carbon metering, chemical metering.

DULCO®flex hose pumps Higher Capacity Range Brochure Hose Pumps
The ProMinent DULCO®flex peristaltic hose pumps have a wide range of hose material making them suitable for pumping almost all chemicals. There are no seals and the pumps can run dry continuously without damage. They are self priming and easy to maintain.The pumps are suitable for pumping viscous products, abrasive and corrosive products, paste and suspensions.

The standard hose materials available are NR (natural rubber), NBR (nitrile), EPDM, hypalon and Tygon. Applications in the water industry include metering and pumping ferric chloride, floculants, polymers and lime.

The hose pump DULCO®flex DFAa is suitable for low pressure applications. It can be used for precise metering of small quantities up to 84 l/h at 2 bar. The rotor is equipped with 3 rollers to reduce pulsation. The hose can be quickly replaced using the quick-release fastener.

The hose pump DULCO®flex DFBa is designed for small and medium flow rates up to 375 l/h and 8 bar. With rollers and fabric-reinforced hoses, it is suitable for use in tough industrial applications.
On customer request, pumps of the series DFBa can be equipped with a controller for precise batch metering. For use in the chemical industry, the pumps can be equipped with a Halar-coated pump housing.

The hose pump DULCO®flex DFCa is equipped with rollers and fabric-reinforced hoses. The DFCa is suitable for tough industrial applications and flow rates up to 12,000 l/h at 8 bar backpressure. A ball-bearing rotor ensures a high level of smoothness and long life. The option vacuum device in the pump housing can support the restoration of the hose's shape. This improves the suction behaviour and provides for a steady delivery of viscous media.

The hose pump DULCO®flex DFDa is designed for larger flow rates and higher pressures. It is equipped with pressing shoes and fabric-reinforced hoses.